Below is the step by step procedure for Oman Change Visit Visa

Oman Exit by Bus Visa Change:


  1. Assembly time at backside of Reef Mall Open Parking, Deira at 10:00am on your scheduled date
  2. Departure from Reef Mall is approximately at 1:00pm
  3. Show your existing visa to the OIC to guide you on your seat
  4. Ask and pay 35aed for the Hatta Border Pass to the OIC
  5. Oman Visa will be given by the OIC inside the bus but sometimes visa will be released before dropping to Hatta boarder
  6. (First Stop, Hatta Border) Present your Passport, Oman Visa, and Old Visa to the OIC in the Oman border

(If you are already overstay, pay the corresponding amount in this booth also)

Note: Once you have entered to the Hatta Border, mobile signal will become limited, sometimes; it will automatically change to roaming

  1. Take a picture of the stamp right after the OIC give you back your passport and send it to your assisting Travel Agent to process the E-Visa
  2. (Second Stop Oman Immigration) Present your Passport and Visa for checking
  3. Last stop will be at the Hotel. Initial payment for the stay is 150aed good for three (3) nights. You will wait for your visa to be released at the Hotel; your assisting Travel Agent will send you the PDF copy of the E-Visa.
  4. Once you have received your E-Visa, go to the information desk of the Hotel and print it. This is also your ticket to book your seat for the next trip going back to Dubai


Below is the step by step procedure for Oman E-Visa Change

Airport to Airport Visa Change:


  1. Go to Hala Services and fall in line
  2. Give passport, passport photocopy and itinerary
  3. Pay AED100 for visa change charge and get receipt
  4. Go to cashier at the departure area for visa deposit and pay AED3500, don’t forget to get receipt
  5. Proceed to check-in counter of your designated airline
  6. After check-in, go to e-gate booth for e-gate registration (Note: Applicable only to those who are not yet enrolled in e-gate)
  7. Proceed to immigration and scanned passport for exit
  8. Go to designated gate for boarding
  9. Wait for departure gate to open to board the plane


  1. Upon arrival proceed to Hala Services Visa Collecion counter and fall in line
  2. Provide your passport for them to check if visa (tourist visa or employment visa) is already available for print (Note: Make sure that your agency or employer will email a copy of your visa to Hala Services email add:
  3. Pay AED40 for visa printing
  4. Proceed to arrivals smart gate to scan passport for entry
  5. Go to Hala Services and show receipt for visa deposit
  6. Get the AED3500 cash at the cashier in the departure area


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